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— 1 month ago
"There were times when I wished I had someone to split dishes with or to sit next to on a tour bus on my trip, but for the most part, I loved being alone—it doesn’t hurt that Iceland has some ideal landscapes for staring into the distance and feeling introspective about your life."
— 7 months ago
"The last thing I wrote was a list of my boyfriends. There were five of them, apparently, so I guess it helped to keep track: John Travolta (the Grease version, give me a break), the star of the local Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat production, a middle-school boy who played the drums during a concert I had to attend for my sister, a lifeguard I saw once, and a boy whom I later decided was poor marriage material based on how often he cursed in our second-grade class."
Read what I have to say about endless childhood crushes on Thought Catalog!
— 1 year ago
Reporting for NASCAR at 36 weeks →

I talk with Jamie Little, awesome lady and ESPN NASCAR pit reporter.

— 2 years ago
True Stories: Constructive Summer →

All up on Nerve talking about summer crushes, construction sites, and Neil Diamond.

— 2 years ago
Born Leaders →

20 names inspired by presidents and first ladies

— 2 years ago
It's a Jungle In Here! 20 Decor Ideas and Products for Animal Lovers →

Rooms and dogs (and cats, and fish, and elephants), man — does it get better than that?

— 2 years ago